Samsung Suggests Solutions throughout Digital Image Lifecycle

Samsung announced today that it would seek to attain its market leadership by providing imaging solutions aimed at satisfying diversified consumer needs throughout the total digital imaging lifecycle from taking great photos to sharing images with their friends and families. Samsung is going to introduce innovations through combining existing solutions and technologies to answer to consumer needs. To showcase this new direction, Samsung is introducing sharing photos through Home Network, uploading and sharing photos through WiFi, and innovative UI at 2008 Photokina.

Meanwhile, Samsung is introducing the world first 10x zoom and Ultra Wide 24mm compact, the “HZ1”, at Photokina this year. The HZ1 enables consumers to get sharper and wider images from a distance by simultaneously combining high technology, optical 10X Zoom and ultra wide 24mm. With the launch of the HZ1, Samsung Camera will enter the Compact High-Zoom market, strengthening its full lineup and showcasing its technological innovation.