Sea&sea underwater housing for Canon EOS Kiss Digital X

Sea&Sea’s DX-400D underwater housing has been engineered exclusively for Canon EOS Kiss Digital X, Canon’s affordable DSLR. Constructed of a tried-and-true combination of durable aluminum alloy and lightweight polycarbonate, it handles with comfort and ease underwater. Ergonomic configuration of controls puts all the Canon EOS Kiss Digital X’s basic and creative functions within easy reach. The shutter release lever is hyper-sensitive and responsive. The viewfinder offers corner-to-corner viewing and clear readouts of camera data.

The built-in separately-powered leak sensor signals your attention in the event of leakage. Sea&Sea’s unique quick shoe feature enables hassle-free camera assembly and removal. The DX-350D housing excels at macro photography. The DX-400D black underwater housing measures350×135×180mm, weighs 2,700g and is available approximately for 231,000 Yen ($1,952).
Via – Slrworld