Sigma SD14 14 megapixels Digital SLR camera

The new Sigma SD14 Digital SLR camera is powered by the 14 megapixels Foveon X3 direct-image-sensor can reproduce high definition images rich in gradation and impressive three-dimensional detail.The SD14 Digital SLR camera features four JPEG recording modes, large and bright pentaprism viewfinder with 98% coverage, a built-in flash with a Guide Number of 11,5-point AF system, a large 2.5” 150,000 pixel resolution LCD monitor as well as
high resolution and user friendly design. The durable shutter mechanism has over 100,000 cycle life and is ideal for the demands of digital photography.

The Sigma SD14 measures 144×80.5×107.3mm, weigh 700g (no battery) and will be available from November 2006 for approximately 2,00,000 Yen ($1720).
Via SLRWorld