Sony unlocks in-camera forgery-proof technology for corporate business users

Sony today announced the availability of its in-camera forgery proof photo technology for corporate business users. Using digital signatures processed at capture, Sony technology supports detection of any modification to an image, thus protecting it from fraudulent usage. Following widespread issues with unauthorised editing and misconduct around digital photo data, Sony has developed forgery-proof technology, based on standard cryptography, for corporate users to safeguard images against future misuse. Sony in-camera forgery-proof technology currently available on the Alpha 7 IV camera, with expansion to other models to be considered in sequence.

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With Sony’s in-camera signing mode activated, images are immediately cryptographically signed by the camera processor upon capture. Following this, any pixel modification, tampering or potential forgery will cancel the image signature, as the image manipulation will be detected by the customer’s own certificate server during examination. The new functionality streamlines the lengthy process required from image submission through to verification, all with the addition of extra security.

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Sony’s new forgery-proof signing mode ensures the secure creation and transmission of images based on cryptographic methods, as the fundamental need for certifying unmodified and secure images grows in many applications, across multiple industries. This technology is particularly applicable for passports and ID verification but goes further in tackling image manipulation in the media, medical and law enforcement fields. For the insurance and construction sectors, this technology will offer a secure foundation for inspection and recording of damage.