Sony announces WhiteMagic 3-inch VGA LCD module incorporating the newly-developed RGBW method for digital cameras

Sony has succeeded in commercializing WhiteMagic, an LCD module for digital cameras that utilizes the newly-developed ‘RGBW method. WhiteMagic incorporates a 3-inch VGA low-temperature polysilicone TFT LCD module that adds a white (‘W’) pixel to the Red-Green-Blue (‘RGB’) pixels. By improving the brightness of the entire screen, Sony has been able to develop a module that offers one mode to reduce the power consumption of backlight by around 50%, as well as another mode that approximately doubles the brightness to improve outdoor visibility. Even adding the W pixel, the analysis of the input picture data and Sony’s unique signal processing algorithm enable images to be displayed without any deterioration.

By incorporating the newly-developed ‘RGBW method’ that adds a white (‘W’) pixel to the conventional RGB pixels, Sony has succeeded in enhancing the brightness of the entire screen of its new LCD module. The addition of a white pixel tends to result in deterioration of the image quality. However, Sony’s WhiteMagic analyzes the input picture data and performs suitable signal processing (using its new algorithm), thus enabling a deterioration-free display. WhiteMagic is also applicable to displays for Smartphones. Sony hopes that WhiteMagic module will meet the demands of customers across a wide range of mobile devices.