Sony Digital Cinema Projector Cumulative Shipments sets a new world record

In 2007, Sony first introduced a digital cinema system capable of projecting ultra-high resolution 4K images with 8.8 million pixels (4096 X 2160) – a four-fold increase over conventional HD.This September, cumulative shipments of this Sony projection system set a new record in crossing the 10,000 unit mark. Sony’s projection system is based on a unique ultra-high resolution LCD component device known as 4K SXRD” (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display).

Digital cinema projection systems mainly consist of a projector to display the image, a server to store content and a “media block” to seamlessly reproduce content. Sony is the only company in the industry that develops and sells all three elements. Sony’s integrated projection system is the world’s first DCI spec-compliant system. Sony’s system also offers additional advantages such as Theater Management System (TMS) with the power to simultaneously control multiple projection systems and CineWatch which makes it possible to monitor the system remotely.