Sony’s Open Platform Gains Wide Support from Production Equipment Manufacturers

Sony’s F65 CineAlta camera delivers 4K image resolution—the highest resolution currently available in the digital motion picture production industry. Last autumn, Sony announced that the camera’s SRMASTER recording formats (F65RAW files and 2K/HD MPEG-4 Simple Studio Profile) would be promoted to the market as an open platform. Since that time, Sony has worked to gain the industry’s broaden support for these formats by providing technical specifications and development assistance to content production equipment manufacturers. As a result, in February, six makers of nonlinear editing system and color grading solutions launched new product releases with full support for the SRMASTER format.

Ten major Hollywood post-production companies are also moving forward with their support in their facilities to accommodate F65 shot projects. Today, as a proof of broader acceptance by the industry, another six partner companies have implemented SRMASTER format support in their products for on-set dailies, nonlinear editing, color grading, ingesting (into the post-production pipeline), and compositing. To further evolve the efficiency of SRMASTER workflows, Sony has also developed technology to enable high-speed transfer of SRMASTER high-definition image file through ordinary coaxial cable interface (3G-SDI). This new “SRExpress” interface, which can transfer files 5 times faster than real time,1 will be enabled by Sony’s SR-R1 SRMASTER portable recorder in May.

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