Sunpak PZ42X Flash

The new Sunpak PZ42X TTL auto flash is a powerful, full-featured, lightweight, shoe-mount electronic flash unit for Nikon, Canon and Sony digital cameras ( i-TTL and D-TTL, for Nikon, E-TTL and E-TTL II for Canon and ADI and P-TTL for Sony α ) and film SLR cameras, with a power zoom-bounce flash head covering 35mm focal lengths from 24-105mm. An optional Wide-Angle Panel provides flash coverage for lenses down to 20mm. Powered by two AAA cells the Sunpak PZ42X also gives you: tilt positions from zero to straight up for maximum bounce flexibility, a large, brightly illuminated LCD control panel that provides, among other info, flash exposure confirmation and a subject distance range and a built-in autofocus aid light that turns on automatically when needed. The power-saving circuitry automatically turns to Power Saving Standby mode after 5 minutes.

The Sunpak PZ42X measures 116×64×102mm and weighs approximately 260g. The Sunpak PZ42X will be available from April 24th in Japan for approximately 19,000 Yen ($160).