Tamron announces next generation 90mm Macro lens for full-size SLR cameras

Tamron announced the development of a next generation 90mm Macro lens for full-size SLR cameras. Teh lens features completely redesigned optics, a proprietary VC (Vibration Compensation), and USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive). Adopting a state-of-the-art optical design and a rounded diaphragm, this lens carries on the long tradition of Tamron’s 90mm Macro lens in delivering spectacular blur effects. Two XLD (Extra Low Dispersion) glasses and one LD (Low Dispersion) element reduce chromatic aberrations, yielding sharp images and outstanding resolution. The Sony mount does not include VC (Vibration Compensation), as Sony digital SLR bodies include image stabilization functionality. The Sony lens is designated as SP 90mm F/2.8 Di MACRO 1:1 USD.

Tamron’s original VC image stabilization mechanism utilized a moving magnet system whereby a heavy magnet was positioned near the moving VC lens element. In the new VC unit the positions of the magnet and the coil are reversed, because of this the VC optical lens element is attached to the coil. The new VC mechanism employs a moving coil mechanism with a lightweight coil, and the lighter coil reduces the load on the drive system. Thus, the lighter, more compact new VC unit contributes to the lens’s overall light weight and compact size. The lens weighs 550g will be launched within 2012 for Nikon, Canon and Sony.

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