Tamron Celebrates 60 Years of Innovation and Excellence

Tamron, acclaimed for its consistent record of creating and manufacturing cutting-edge lenses of the highest caliber for a wide variety of imaging applications celebrated its 60th anniversary on November 1, 2010. Tamron founding member Takeyuki Arai established the company’s forerunner, Taisei Optical Equipment Manufacturing, in Urawa City (Saitama Prefecture) in November 1950 when Japan was starting to recover from the destruction of the war. Tamron’s first work was subcontracted binocular lens fabrication. But that was not enough for the ambitious employees at Tamron. They soon proposed manufacturing the whole binoculars, rather than just lenses to specifications set down by others.

After pooling together technological capabilities in intense brainstorming sessions, the company worked its way through the various manufacturing stages (design, lens polishing, and assembly) to finally produce its own pair of binoculars. This would become Tamron’s first product. Innovative at the time, the ultra-wide-angle 7×35 11° binoculars received high praise both in Japan and abroad, contributing to Tamron’s huge leap forward.
Since its establishment in 1950, Tamron has consistently devoted a substantial proportion of its resources to the research and development of optical technology, creating a number of distinguished products including high quality interchangeable lenses for digital SLR cameras.Tamron interchangeable lenses for digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are highly esteemed by photographers throughout the world for their unique specifications, outstanding optical performance, amazingly compact design and excellent operational ease, all achieved by leveraging the company’s proprietary technologies.