Tamron P-Iris Mega-Pixel Vari-Focal Lens delivers high image quality equivalent to 1080p full high-definition

Tamron announced the release of a 1/3”-format 2.8-8mm F/1.2 Mega-Pixel Vari-Focal with P-Iris (Model M13VP288IR) that is compatible with 3 Mega-Pixel Day/Night cameras. Through the use of an Aspherical element and a special LD (Low Dispersion) optical glass material in its advanced optical system, the new Vari-Focal Lens realize high optical performance that is a perfect match for 3 Mega-pixel cameras, delivering high image quality equivalent to 1080p full high-definition. At the same time, the lens features fast maximum open aperture of F/1.2 that helps to increase the sensitivity of the camera. By using a stepper motor to control the iris, this lens is capable of adjusting the aperture at a position that does not cause diffraction, enabling an appropriate level of exposure by utilizing the camera shutter speed. The result is that high quality; high contrast images can be recorded, even in bright outdoor areas. This fine tuning control will allow the user to acquire the best image quality delivering good depth of field at most installations.

The wide horizontal angle of view-100.1 degrees-makes it possible to cover the entire room when positioning the camera in a corner. Supported by 3 Mega-Pixel resolutions, this image can be cropped and still show a clear image to see what is happening in the room. The Mega-Pixel IR Corrected lens uses an optical design pursuing minimization of chromatic aberration to the maximum extent in order to realize clear images without color smear. In addition, by employing advanced countermeasures against light reflection on the lens surface including multi-layer coatings, Tamron engineers have successfully minimized the light reflection, realizing clear images without ghosting and flare.