Toshiba starts shipments of CMOS Image sensor for automotive view cameras with zoom function

Toshiba today started sample shipments of a VGA, 1/4 inch CMOS image sensor-TCM5126GBA, for automotive view cameras. The TCM5126GBA is a VGA image sensor for automotive parking assist applications that offers a zoom function, on-screen display (OSD), stand-alone operation for output imaging after power-on and a timer. The new image sensor provides high dynamic range (HDR), making it suitable for capturing images in a high-contrast lighting environment, for example, against the light. The sensor is suitable not only for conventional back-view camera but also surround view camera (a bird’s eye view) and side-view cameras.

The TCM5126GBA has a 1/4-inch optical format and operates from a single 3.3-V power supply. Fabricated using a CMOS process, the TCM5126GBA provides low power consumption. It also delivers high-quality images with an dynamic range and provides excellent color reproduction thanks to an on-chip primary color filter.

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