Ultra-slim 24 X Samsung WB700 digital cameras deliver superb quality pictures

The new Samsung digital camera features a 24mm ultra-wide Schneider KREUZNACH lens to capture the perfect wide shot, as well as an outstanding 24X zoom function, made up of an 18X optical zoom and 1.3X Smart Zoom. The new Samsung WB700 digital camera delivers sharp images with incredible detail- thanks to the camera’s 16 Megapixel CCD sensor. The Samsung WB700 camera is also equipped with full manual control and the ability to record 720p high definition video (H.264 format).

The Samsung WB700 digital camera also features Smart Filter 2.0 – artistic filters in modes such as ‘soft focus’, ‘half-tone dot’ and ‘cinema’ alongside traditional features such as ‘fish-eye’, ‘miniature’ and ‘sketch’, giving entertaining and professional finishes at the touch of a button.