DNP Japan develops a thin and lightweight 11.1kW high-power wireless charging sheet coil for electric vehicles

Dai Nippon Printing, Japan has developed a 11.1kW high-power wireless charging sheet coil for electric vehicles. It is thinner and lighter than previous model and can be used in IH home appliances also. The thin, lightweight and low-cost sheet-type coil for wireless charging supports high-power transmission (SAE J2954-WPT3 / 11.1kW class). In addition to EVs and PHEVs, it can also be used for automated guided vehicles (AGVs), whose market is expanding. DNP will promote early commercialization of this product.

The 11.1kW high-power wireless charging sheet coil from DNP is compatible with both power transmitting and power receiving wireless charging systems. High-definition photolithography technology makes it significantly thinner and lighter. The thickness of the coil including ferrite for electric vehicles is about 3 mm, the weight is about 1 kg (in the case of the coil compatible with J2954 WPT3 / Z2 specified by SAE International), and the thickness of the existing product with the same specifications using litz wire. It is about one-fourth thinner and lighter than the one with a size of about 12 mm and a weight of about 4 kg or more.

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The materials used have been reduced, the cost has been reduced, and the leakage magnetic field generated on the outside of the coil has been reduced by using DNP’s unique coil design technology. By reducing heat and averaging it, high power transmission is possible. It can also be applied to AGVs with a small installation space by the optimum design technology according to the coil size and power consumption. It can also be used as a coil for IH home appliances. The company plans to apply these technologies and develop them for charging while driving and for IH home appliances in the future.

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