Nissan reveals all-electric Nissan Hyper Urban concept toward Japan Mobility Show

Leading up to the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo later this month, Nissan is unveiling a series of captivating all-electric concept vehicles, starting with the Nissan Hyper Urban, which was digitally unveiled today. As we approach the show’s press day on October 25, the Nissan Hyper will make its digital debut. The design of the Nissan Hyper Urban is a perfect match for the refined preferences of its target audience, which includes urban and suburban professionals who place a high value on environmental sustainability.

Distinguished by its sleek and contemporary aesthetics, this vehicle’s design reflects the discerning tastes of its users, making a confident statement while seamlessly blending into its urban surroundings. Moreover, the Nissan Hyper Urban is fully integrated into the electric vehicle ecosystem. Its remarkable Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) functionality empowers homeowners to draw power from the vehicle, resulting in significant energy cost savings and reduced strain on the power grid.

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With V2G capability, owners can even contribute surplus power to the grid, supporting their local community while earning a financial return. The Intelligent Charging Management System, driven by AI, autonomously manages vehicle charging and building power consumption, ensuring efficient power utilization. Inside, a revamped instrument panel embodies the latest technological trends and graphic user interfaces.

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The interior design harmonizes seamlessly with urban living spaces. Drawing inspiration from kaleidoscopic triangles, the instrument panel and display are customizable to reflect the owner’s mood. Additionally, the front seats can transform, folding into the back seats to create a private, sofa-like relaxation space. The lime yellow exterior body changes hues based on the angle of light, effortlessly attracting attention while blending into its surroundings.

The front and rear scissor doors provide a sense of openness and personality, while the sporty silhouette enhances aerodynamic efficiency, combining rugged dynamics with urban aesthetics, capped off by wide tires that complete the sporty appearance.