Epson Develops Controller IC S2D13V4 Specifically For High-Resolution Head-Up Displays

Epson has developed and begun shipping samples of the S2D13V42, a controller IC designed specifically for high-resolution head-up displays. Automotive head-up displays that can be recognized with minimal eye movement are increasingly being installed in vehicles to enhance safety and lessen fatigue, and demand for them is expected to continue to expand. Epson S2D13V42 controller enables rapid head-up display system development by offering the ability to correct the distortion of images streamed from a host (SoC1) at resolutions up to 1280 x 720 according to the curvature of a vehicle’s windshield, without external memory.

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Epson S2D13V42 is compliant with AEC-Q1002 and operates at temperatures up to 105℃. The S2D13V42 is qualified for automotive design including AEC-Q100/IATF16949 certification and comprehensive safety features. The S2D13V42 can be easily inserted into existing system display architectures with minimal modifications required, making it an ideal solution for both existing and future designs.

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The Epson S2D13V42 simultaneously perform other image manipulations such as rotation and scaling and has a pitch correction function. The controller is equipped with pitch correction and enhanced display safety features, supports the building of more reliable display systems. Epson plans to produce 100,000 units per month.