Experience the Magic of Disney’s Fantasia with Seiko’s Limited Edition Table Clock

Seiko Time Creation proud to celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary today announced the release of a special mechanical table clock inspired by the famous Disney masterpiece, Fantasia film. SEIKO/Disney FANTASIA Karakuri Table Clock Disney100 Edition FS205L clock will be available in a limited quantity of just five units and will be made to order. Advance booking for this limited edition clock has started at Ginza and Wako. The limited edition is available for approximately 11 million yen ($76,800).

The case of the clock resembles a shimmering starry sky, meticulously crafted using Echizen lacquer and blue galaxy lacquer. The dolls and decorations, including the intricately designed Mickey Mouse figure, are painstakingly created by skilled artisans, showcasing the exquisite coloring and handcrafted details that are unique to their craftsmanship.

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The design of this mechanical clock draws inspiration from Disney’s enchanting film, Fantasia. Mickey Mouse, portraying The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, takes center stage in a captivating performance reminiscent of the iconic scene where he controls the starry sky and water with his magical powers.

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The clock features 12 famous songs from various Disney movies, with newly recorded performances by professional musicians that have been incorporated into the clock’s sound source.

Inside the clock’s drawer, user will find a limited-edition plate adorned with a Fantasia design, along with a serial number indicating its exclusivity as one of only five units available.Since this clock is made to order, delivery times to the lucky 5 buyers will be communicated separately.