HenGenTou a magical lighting system produces illusory movements in static photos and paintings

NTT Japan has developed a new light projection technique named ‘HenGenTou’(Deformation Lamps), which can add a variety of realistic movement impressions to static objects. Based on an illusion-based animation technique, HenGenTou produces completely novel visual experiences wherein physically static objects appear to move, deform, or flutter. This capability is a result of NTT’s long-term scientific research on human information processing, in particular visual processing for natural movements.

HenGenTou makes use of visual illusions to add a movie-like dynamic appearance to a two-dimensional (2D) static object, such as fluttering flames and blowing wind. It can apparently do this even for three-dimensional (3D) objects, although the viewing condition is restricted. HenGenTou can add realistic motion impressions to photographs, paintings, and walls and produce visual experiences that no one has ever had before.
Basic HenGenTou systemGiven its ability to provide original dynamic impressions with traditional printed photos, painted pictures and written texts, HenGenTou has applications in a wide range of fields, including advertising, interior design, art, and entertainment.

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