Kyocera develops future concept car Moeye with optical camouflage technology

Kyocera today announced the development of a concept car Moeye equipped with many unique devices. The Moeye is the second concept car from Kyocera. With the spread of autonomous driving and MaaS (Mobility as a Service), Kyocera focused on the importance of the interior space and developed a future cockpit that brings surprise and comfort with a completely original design vehicle.

In collaboration with Professor Masahiko Inami of the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo, a part of the cockpit is made transparent using original optical camouflage technology to expand the driver’s field of view. The car is equipped with many Kyocera-specific devices that entertain the human sense of sight, touch, hearing, and smell, and has both safety and entertainment, which are important for a car.

The distinctive interior is the transparency of the cockpit using optical camouflage technology. For transparency of the cockpit, optical camouflage technology is adopted at the position of a simple dashboard. A 1.2m display is placed. Eight cameras mounted on the front of the vehicle create an image of the outside of the vehicle from the passenger’s point of view and project it as if it looks transparent. In addition, the dashboard can also display clear and realistic 3D images.

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The aerial display using Kyocera’s original technology forms a projected image from a high-performance liquid crystal display in the space above the dashboard, enabling clear and realistic naked-eye stereoscopic viewing of the original character Mobisuke.  Mobisuke comes with functions such as car operation instructions and hospitality. The roof and door lights are equipped with a unique LED lighting “CERAPHIC” that creates light that approximates natural light.

 The spectrum can be customized, and it features delicate color expression that is difficult with ordinary LEDs. As a result, the natural light in the morning and evening is freely modulated to create the interior of the vehicle. It is said to create a comfortable space with light.  Kyocera Kyoto Opal is mounted on the inside of the door. In future the center console will be decorated with artificial opal to create a gorgeous and advanced space like atmosphere.

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The instrument panel and center console are equipped with HAPTIVITY, which generates minute vibrations when the panel is touched with a finger and conveys the click. By realizing the tactile sensation of pressing a button in conjunction with the UI operation, it is possible not only to see the image but also to operate with a realistic tactile sensation.

The car is equipped with a vibration speaker that uses a piezo element to provide a powerful sound in the passenger compartment. The headrest is also equipped with a vibration speaker, which can provide clear sound to the driver.  The interior and exterior design concept is “Timeless”, designed by Fortmarei, a design studio in Kyoto, as a completely original design.