Kyocera user-friendly subtitle display system Cotopat set to revolutionize accessibility

In a pioneering move, Kyocera Document Solutions Japan is launching “Cotopat” today in Japan. Cotopat is a groundbreaking and user-friendly subtitle display system that Kyocera has developed and tested through real-world experiments.  Kotopat, aptly named, is designed to ease communication challenges by recognizing spoken words in real-time and displaying text, visuals, and videos on a screen. This innovation is especially beneficial for individuals with hearing impairments and the elderly, who have often struggled with understanding conversations masked by face coverings and barriers, particularly during the pandemic. Addressing these obstacles, Kyocera introduced Kotopat in 2021 as a solution to these pervasive issues.

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The technology is built to comprehend context, automatically correcting homophones, synonyms, and word boundaries. By pre-registering specialized terminology, users can enhance the accuracy of text conversion. Furthermore, registered words can be emphasized, accompanied by graphics and videos to ensure seamless information transmission through visual aids. Kotopat supports seven languages – Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Portuguese. This transformative tool enables conversing while observing the other party’s facial expressions, fostering smoother interactions and efficient information exchange.

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Kyocera has undertaken successful demonstrations in significant locations, such as the Yokohama City Naka Ward Office, Doshisha University, and JR Shinjuku Station, receiving acclaim for its potential. Kyocera intends to expand its reach to public institutions like local governments, train stations, universities, hotels, department stores, hospitals, and welfare facilities, empowering them with improved accessibility and communication capabilities. Kotopat will play a pivotal role in elevating customer service and shortening response times across various industries, enhancing public-facing services and operations.