LG launches AI-based Whisen Dual Air Conditioner in Korea

LG today launched its AI-based LG Whisen Dual Air Conditioner in Korea. During the launch LG announced that it will launch voice-recognizing artificial intelligence (AI)-based home appliance next year. LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company President Dan Song stressed that future home appliances will be more interconnected. According to Mr. Song as of now each home appliance such as a refrigerator or washing machine are used separately. But in future with the advancement of AI technologies, they will be expanded into space-oriented packages and mixed systems. All LG products released this year will be connected with Wi-Fi.

The new LG Whisen Dual Air Conditioner is capable of learning user patterns and surrounding spaces, based on deep learning technology, which allows an AI system to “learn” from unstructured data collected from cloud networks as well as sensors and cameras attached to the device. LG will boost its cooperation with the world’s leading AI companies like Amazon, Google and Apple on platform technologies.

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