LG and Swarovski to unveil one-of-a-kind limited edition CURVED OLED TV at IFA Berlin

Swarovski Crystals_LG_OLED_TVLG with design support from the renowned Austrian jewelry brand Swarovski will unveil a one-of-a-kind CURVED OLED TV at IFA Berlin. Featuring a streamlined stand studded with shimmering crystals complemented by the brilliant, precise colors of the OLED’s self-lighting pixels, this advanced TV exudes elegance beyond compare. With a paper-thin depth of just 4mm and a weight of only 16kg, the LG CURVED OLED TV is the perfect showcase for Swarovski’s finest.

LG_Swarovski Crystals_OLED_TVFeaturing LG’s stylish Crystal Stand, the ergonomically curved display appears to float on thin air, a breathtaking effect that helps to increase viewer immersion. To create this totally unique stand, approximately 460 luminescent Aurora Borealis crystals of three different sizes (SS8, 10 and 12) were applied by hand using specially made stencils. The result is a subtle but elegant sparkling pattern that turns a cutting-edge television into a work of art.
LG_Swarovski Crystals_TVLG’s OLED TV offers unrivaled visual precision thanks to the company’s advanced pixel-dimming system and the inherent advantages of OLED technology. A singular product that combines the best of technology with the best of design, the luxurious LG CURVED OLED TV with Swarovski crystals glitters and shines in more ways than one. The limited edition LG OLED TV will be on display at IFA 2014 and will roll out to European customers in the fourth quarter of this year.

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