OMRON Announces World’s First Robotic Integrated Controller to Control Fully Automated Robotic Production Systems

OMRON, a global leader in automation technology, announced today the launch of the world’s first “Robotics Integrated Controller” which perfectly synchronizes automation technology so customers can improve the speed and accuracy of their production, simulate entire production equipments without having to deploy physical equipment, simplify maintenance, and reduce time-to-market during the design, planning, commissioning, and changeover processes. OMRON is now able to provide a highly automated manufacturing site which does not rely on human resources due to the COVID-19 circumstances.

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At the heart of the new platform is a new machine controller, which offers real-time synchronization between all automation equipment, including robots, vision components, drives, and safety equipment. The new NJ501-R controller is based on OMRON’s industry leading NJ series of machine controllers for industrial automation. By using the “Robotic Integrated Controller,” it has become possible to automate advanced and complex manual work that had been previously completed by human workers. Also, users may now simulate the design and modification of production facilities in a virtual environment, establishes equipment, and conduct maintenance remotely.

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