Panasonic announces palm-sized wireless speaker Kyo-zutsu with Kaikado

Panasonic today announced a palm-sized wireless speaker Kyo-zutsu that brings to life an enriching listening experience. Panasonic co-developed Kyo-zutsu with Kaikado, a long-established maker of handmade tea caddies based in Kyoto. A limited quantity of 100 speakers, which change their expression over time and enable listeners to experience sounds and the vibrations they create with the palm of their hand, will go on sale on November 8 at Kaikado, of which 30 were available for preorders on October 5. The speaker costs 300,000 yen ($2,780) excluding tax.

Kyo-zutsu (SC-KKL01) is a handmade tea caddy equipped with a wireless speaker that provides a new experience for users, enabling them to feel the vibrations of sounds with the palm of their hand. Taking advantage of the extreme airtightness of Kaikado’s tea caddies, the speakers turn ON/OFF when the lid is opened or closed. So, like the aroma of the tea leaves that wafts out, the music begins when the lid is opened, and when the lid is closed, the lid closes slowly, coaxed by gravity, elegantly fading out the music. Users can enjoy a very enriching moment with this beautiful masterpiece, which exudes the Japanese sensibility of cherishing objects.

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The brass exterior of the speaker has a very smooth texture and changes its expression over time. The more users come in contact with it, the more it will shine, thus transforming into one-of-a-kind gem with time. Great care has also been taken with respect to audio quality. Panasonic’s proprietary DSP (Digital Signal Processor) reproduces a broad spectrum of sounds from low to high that is comfortable and easy on the ears. The bass reflex port enhances low frequency sounds, and the diffuser at the top of the speaker transmits the sound across a wide area.

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Because the amber color of the smooth texture and the beautiful sheen of the brass caddy deepen gradually with each touch, users will become more and more attached to it as time passes. The base of the main unit is covered in leather, allowing users to enjoy the changes in the texture of the leather as well. User can charge the speaker by simply placing the speaker on top of the accompanying contactless charger. You no longer have to bother plugging it in to charge, and you have a beautiful exterior without any connecting terminals. The charger is made of brass and leather, giving the speaker a dignified stature even while charging.