Panasonic’s Print-and-Paste Make-up Sheet offers the world of beauty an evolutionary style innovation in cosmetic form

Conventional makeup cannot relieve the anxiety of people with skin issues, such as freckles, large pores, skin discoloration, and birthmarks. Panasonic came up with an ideal solution, the Make-up Sheet. Panasonic’s Make-up Sheet is a customized “print-and-paste” product that offers the world of beauty an evolutionary style innovation in cosmetic form.

Panasonic’s Make-up Sheet can be applied simply by moistening with water. The make-up remains on the skin after the film is peeled away. The nearly undetectable make-up reduces the appearance of spots and freckles, and discoloration. And the sheet can easily be peeled off.

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When the customer sits in front of a Panasonic Snow Beauty Mirror with a built-in non-contact sensor conducts a facial scan. The mirror precisely detects the position, color, and depth of freckles, wrinkles, and large pores. Once the appropriate combination of concealer and foundation are selected, an ink-jet printing process is used to generate a customized make-up sheet. Each sheet contains ultra-thin layers of concealer and foundation that accurately mirrors the customer’s skin tone and condition.

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Panasonic developed this exclusive make-up application system by integrating non-contact sensing, ink-jet printing, and other technologies with existing ultra-thin medical film. Applications for the Make-up Sheet are not limited to the realm of beauty. Panasonic looks forward to seeing this product deployed in the field of medical cosmetics to cover bruises, scars, and other skin problems.