ROG Announces Centurion – True 7.1 surround-sound gaming headset with Hi-Fi-grade headphone amplifier

Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced Centurion, a premium true 7.1-channel surround-sound gaming headset designed especially for professional and hardcore gamers.

rog_centurion_headset_magnet_driversCreated during ROG’s 10th anniversary, Centurion packs a decade of design and technological expertise into a one-of-a-kind gaming headset. ROG Centurion features 10 discrete neodymium-magnet drivers for a true 7.1-channel surround sound experience (center – 30mm drivers, front left & right – 40mm, side left & right – 20mm, rear left & right – 20mm, and subwoofer – 40mm), which enhances in-game audio positioning for that competitive edge. The sizes of the drivers are selected according to their purposes.
rog-centurion_gaming_headset_usbWith increased awareness of their in-game environment, gamers can hear every gunshot and footstep clearly. Centurion comes with a plug-and-play USB audio station, which features a built-in Hi-Fi-grade ESS 9601 headphone amplifier that improves the audio experience even further for brilliant, balanced sound when gaming and listening to music. The USB audio station also has a built-in ENC (Environmental Noice Canceling) microphone that actively detects and counters more than 90 percent of environmental noise.
rog-centurion_gaming_headset_standThe intuitive layout of knobs and buttons with LED indicators allows gamers to do everything they want without even looking at it, from changing preset gaming environments to individual channel level adjustments or even changing the headset lighting mode. Centurion is incredibly comfortable, making it ideal for extended gaming sessions. It comes with interchangeable protein-leather and memory-foam ear cups, allowing gamers to customize their headset’s fit and comfort to their personal preference.
rog-centurion_gaming_headset_asusAn exclusive Republic of Gamers headset stand is also included, giving gamers a convenient place to store headset when not in use. Asus ROG Centurion will be available in October.

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