Sony Announces Industry’s First CMOS Image Sensor for Security Cameras That Simultaneously Delivers Full-Pixel Output of Regions of Interest

Sony Semiconductor Solutions today announced world’s first CMOS image sensor the IMX675 for security cameras that simultaneously delivers full-pixel 0utput of captured images and high-speed 0utput of regions of interest. The 1/3-type CMOS image sensor for security cameras with approximately 5.12 megapixels simultaneously delivers both full-pixel output of the whole captured image and high-speed output of regions of interest.

The new Sony sensor IMX675 is the industry’s first to employ Dual Speed Streaming technology to simultaneously output all pixels in a captured image at a maximum rate of 40 frames per second while also reading specific regions of interest at a high frame rate, a feat made possible by its original readout circuits. Using this image sensor allows a single camera not only to provide comprehensive images of scenes, but also to support high-speed recognition of specific objects at a high level of detail.

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The new sensor employs unique STARVISTM 2 technology from SSS, which delivers high-sensitivity and a wide dynamic range, but with approximately 30% less power consumption than conventional models, thanks to its proprietary stacked structure. The new Sony sensor comes with a proprietary device structure from SSS, where irregularities are incorporated into the incidence planes of the light receiving unit to refract incident light and thereby enhance the absorption rate of invisible near infrared light.

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The above design results in a sensitivity approximately 2.5 times greater than conventional models, making it possible to capture high-quality images even in near infrared situations, which is often used in dark scenes and at night. These technologies come together to deliver high-performance, high-quality image capture regardless of usage conditions or time of day, thereby contributing to a safer, more secure society.