Sony announces near-field powered desktop speaker SA-Z1 for US$7,235.

Sony today announced the near-field powered speaker SA-Z1. The new Signature Series speakers from Sony support high resolution audio sound sources and achieve high resolution and a vast sense for a personal space such as a desktop. Sony near-field powered speaker SA-Z1 pursues near-field listening that combines the high resolution of headphones, which allows sound to reach to ears directly, and the sound field spreading in front of you, which is unique to speaker listening.

Sony SA-Z1 allows user to enjoy a music experience like never before. The SA-Z1 Signature Series  brings together high-quality technology of analog and digital (Signature Series), as well as listening via headphones, PC , Walkman  , etc, via a personal space to be connected by a single cable . Speakers deliver the best music experience while listening. The unit supports DSD native playback up to 22.4MHz and PCM playback up to 768kHz / 32bit. In addition, the GaN (Gallium Nitride) -FET is adopted as the output element of the “DA hybrid amplifier” that reduces distortion and switching noise at high output by combining the full digital amplifier “S-Master HX ™ ” with an analog circuit. Enables 100kHz playback.

Placing the tweeter and woofer on the same axis, SA-Z1 uses a multi-amplifier system that drives each driver unit independently and an FPGA. Highly accurate point sound source with uniform wavefront of sound waves by not only physically synthesizing the sound from each driver unit on one axis but also carefully controlling the output timing of each speaker by FPGngyiA  for enjoying high resolution sound. For perfect sound reproduction, the precision of the parts by machining has been increased, and the precision during assembly has been improved, and the coaxial precision of the main woofer and tweeter has been reduced to the micron level.

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The main woofer and the assist woofer are arranged facing each other and the drum structure that cancels the vibrations of each other is used to suppress unnecessary noise to the utmost limit, and at the same time, the bass sound of the assist woofer is radiated from the sound path on the side of the housing. It provides a clear and natural spread of low frequencies. The I-ARRAY System (eye-array system), makes three tweeters function as if they were one tweeter, is equipped with natural wide directional characteristics up to high frequencies and wide band reproduction.

By joining six thick aluminum plates with a joining method inspired by the traditional Japanese woodworking technique, the incidental sound caused by the vibration of the enclosure is significantly reduced while maintaining strength. This way user can enjoy clear sound without distortion. In addition to this, in order to isolate the vibration of the enclosure that causes sound distortion and noise from the electric circuit block such as DA hybrid amplifier, the enclosure and the electric circuit block are bridge-connected at the corners of the structurally strong case. It delivers clear sound with high resolution.

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Equipped with four types of sound adjustment functions that physically switch the operation method of the DA hybrid amplifier, drum structure, and I-ARRAY System. While maintaining the basic sound quality, it is possible to fine-tune the sound quality according to the taste of the user without signal deterioration.

Sony Signature series speaker SA-Z1 will be exhibited at the Sony Showroom / Sony Store Ginza, Sony Store Sapporo, Sony Store Nagoya, Sony Store Osaka, Sony Store Fukuoka Tenjin from May 29 (Fri). For details, please click here. Sony Signature Series speaker SA-Z1 will be available in Japan from June 20, for 780,000 yen + tax($7235+ tax). Click here to buy.