Sony announces the SRS-NS7 – a Wearable Personal Theater

Sony today announced the latest addition to its wearable speaker line-up, the new SRS-NS7 wireless neckband speaker and the WLA-NS7 wireless transmitter. The Sony SRS-NS7 is the world’s first wireless neckband speaker that delivers Dolby Atmos when paired with Sony’s BRAVIA XR television models. It offers Sony’s unique 360 Spatial Sound, which delivers a perfectly optimized cinematic experience with the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer app.

When the Sony wireless neckband speaker SRS-NS7 is paired via Bluetooth technology with the supplied wireless transmitter and connected to a BRAVIA XR TV2, the 360 Spatial Sound Personalizer app can take a photo of the user’s ear and analyze their hearing characteristics by estimating the ear’s 3D shape. This creates the ideal arrangement of virtual Dolby Atmos speakers around the user.

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Besides enjoying Dolby Atmos on a BRAVIA XR TV2, SRS-NS7 users can also experience 360 Reality Audio music when using their smartphone. 360 Reality Audio immerses users in music as if they were right in front of their favorite artist, and is available when using compatible music services like Deezer, and TIDAL.

The SRS-NS7 delivers crystal clear acoustics and powerful sound pressure for the ultimate personal cinema experience. To achieve this, an X-Balanced Speaker Unit provides the optimum speaker size in a compact body and increases sound pressure and reduces distortion for clear music and vocals. Alongside this, the upward facing speaker delivers crisp sound directly to the user without disturbing others, so customer can enjoy movies and music even at midnight. The passive radiator increases low frequency response for clearer bass sound to deliver thumping music sound effects and deep beats.

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The Sony SRS-NS7 is the perfect companion for all-night movie marathons or binge-watching favorite TV shows. It provides hours of comfortable viewing for all types of content thanks to its flexible and ergonomic design that fits securely around the neck. With a fabric surface and a silicone neckband, the SRS-NS7 is perfect for everyday use and is easy to clean. The SRS-NS7 has a suggested retail price of $299.99 and is available to pre-order today.