Sony announces world’s smallest type 1/2.8 4K-resolution stacked CMOS image sensor for security cameras

Sony today announced the upcoming release of two new models of CMOS image sensors for security camera: the IMX415 type 1/2.8 4K-resolution stacked CMOS image sensor, which is the smallest of its kind in the world and the IMX485 type 1/1.2 4K-resolution back-illuminated CMOS image sensor, which delivers outstanding low-light performance approximately 3.3 times that of conventional. The IMX415 type 1/2.8 4K-resolution stacked CMOS image sensor employs proprietary high-sensitivity, low-noise technology to miniaturize the pixel size to 1.45 square μm, approximately 80% smaller than conventional. The 1/2.8 sensors are in high demand for security cameras since they are compact and can fit just about anywhere.

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Sony IMX485 type 1/1.2 4K-resolution CMOS image sensor delivers outstanding low-light performance. With its ample 2.9 square μm pixel size, 2.1 times larger than conventional, coupled with the latest pixel technology for low-noise capabilities, the new sensor dramatically improves the low-light performance to 3.3 times that of conventional CMOS image sensors for security cameras. This makes it possible to accurately detect and capture objects even in dark scenes. Sony proposes this new 1/1.2 image sensor format for high-end 4K security cameras. Sony has designed these two new sensors for security cameras for the growing smart city market and to meet the rapidly expanding need for security cameras in a variety of monitoring applications such as anti-theft, disaster alert, and traffic monitoring systems or commercial complexes.

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