Toyo Tire & Rubber’s Technology Cuts Road Noise by Up to 75%

Toyo Tire & Rubber has developed a technology to reduce noise caused by tires. The new technology can reduce road noises such as (1) low noise generated at the time of traveling on a rough road surface and (2) road noise generated at the time of going over road seams by up to 75% .The new technology is expected to be applied to tires to be launched in early 2019.

To reduce cavity resonance and, thus, road noise, Toyo Tire & Rubber developed a device made of polyurethane and attached it along the inner circumference of a tire. The device consists of a porous film and 16 cylindrical sponges. Each sponge weighs 10-12g (mass), and the polyurethane has a higher durability than commonly-used industrial polyurethanes.

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