Fatman Mothership tube amplifier

Following the success of their iTube iPod dock, Fatman has launched another interesting product – Mothership tube amplifier. And it’s not only its idiosyncratic appearance that’s alluring. This flagship of the Fatman range comprises of the Fatman Controlroom preamplifier (with three line inputs and one phono input) and two Fatman Engineroom Mono Block amplifiers, each delivering 200w of pure tube power. Gizmodo says that it is recommended that you don’t use the 128kbps music you download from iTunes as a source for an amp that costs almost ten grand. What amused more is that the comparison they made for it – ‘It’d be like paying for a lady escort and having her go fetch your dry cleaning.’

This high-priced amp that uses vacuum tubes instead of circuits will retail for £5000 ($10,000) from next month in UK and Europe. And what about our side of the globe?
Via – Gizmodude