KODAK KAI-16000 Image Sensor Offers Unsurpassed Image Quality and High Speed

Eastman Kodak Company continues its leadership position in image sensor technology with the release of the KODAK KAI-16000 Image Sensor, offering the highest resolution interline transfer CCD image sensor available for commercial and industrial markets. Building on Kodak’s robust CCD technology, the KAI-16000 is a 35mm optical format 16 megapixel CCD targeted at the industrial, scientific, aerial, and security markets. The sensor allows camera manufacturers to improve system throughput by utilizing a wider field of view while also enhancing image quality.The KODAK KAI-16000 image sensor is designed for manufacturers of cameras serving the machine vision, aerial imaging, and security industries. KAI-16000 allows these companies to build advanced imaging systems that capture a wider field of view without sacrificing image quality. This wider field of view improves overall system throughput allowing automated optical inspection systems to increase the number of parts inspected per hour.

For aerial or security applications, the sensor’s high resolution helps ensure that images achieve unsurpassed image quality. Other key features in the KAI-16000 include electronic shutter, progressive scan readout, two 30MHz high-speed outputs allowing for 3 frames per second and a combination of low noise and high sensitivity for excellent dynamic range.
Via Kodak