Asus announces 10-bit 4K gaming monitor PB279Q

As 4K gaming becomes an ever more tempting upgrade for the many, we know a lot of our fans use their PCs for far more than just the pew-pew action. In-plane switching (IPS-spec) LCDs are not necessarily known for their gaming speed like TN’s, but the 10-bit 27-inch PB279Q with 100% sRGB color gamut will certainly perk interest of those who want a billion of colors displayed perfectly; whether that’s to view the mountains and valleys of Kyrat in FarCry 4, or pictures and videos of the great outdoors (in RL) in your work activities or from holidays.

Asus_10-bit 4K_gaming monitor_PB279Q_inputBuilding on this, Asus adds its EyeCare technology, consisting of a DC-controlled WLED backlight to completely avoid PWM flicker, and low-blue light modes to reduce eye-strain. Asus-exclusive technologies inside include SplendidPlus Video Intelligence Technology with eight display modes, Asus QuickFit Virtual Scale, Asus VividPixel Technology and Asus GamePlus Technology.

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