Asus announces R9 295X2 dual GPU card with highly-efficient hybrid liquid and air-cooling design

Asus today announced R9 295X2, a brand-new high-performance graphics card powered by dual (AMD Radeon R9 series graphics-processing units) and equipped with a highly-efficient, hybrid liquid / air cooling system. Asus R9 295X2 delivers fantastically high performance straight from the box but only Asus customers are able to push the dual GPUs to the very limits with GPU Tweak, Asu’s exclusive real-time tweaking utility. This easy-to-use tool grants intuitive and instant control over both R9 GPUs, video-memory clock speeds, voltage levels, cooling-fan speeds and power targets, so Asus customers are able to overclock R9 295X2 easily and with high confidence.

Asus_graphic_cardAsus R9 295X2 is engineered with a hybrid liquid / air-cooling system. The tidy and highly-efficient design requires no assembly and works from the moment the two-slot card is inserted, so no setup is required. The active fan, with underlying radiator to dissipate heat from the liquid-cooling pipework, fits standard 120mm mounts, so installation couldn’t be simpler. This clever hybrid liquid and air-cooling system provides exceptionally efficient cooling for both GPUs and the card’s memory chips and regulators. Dedicated liquid cooling for the dual R9 series GPUs is supported by a high-efficiency fan that dissipates heat from other critical components.
ASUS-R9295X2-8GD5The new Asus R9 295X2 graphics card is fitted with dual R9 series GPUs running at 1018MHz, ensuring that gameplay is fast, smooth and free from stutter — even when running at the latest 4K/UHD (ultra-high-definition) resolutions of up to 3840 x 2160 pixels . Gamers can also connect up to six displays , enabling players to spread their battlefields across a vast expanse of screen real estate to create experiences that are truly immersive.
R9 295X2 Graphics Card_Asus_box

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