Asus ROG MATRIX GTX 580 -A high-performance graphics card for gamers who demand the very best

Asus today announced a number of exciting new products for high-performance gaming PCs to further expand its Republic of Gamers (ROG) range. Established five years ago, ROG is committed to developing the ultimate high-performance hardware. The ROG MATRIX GTX 580 is a high-performance graphics card for enthusiasts and gamers who demand the very best with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 GPU. Enhanced TweakIt, ProbeIt and Safe Mode overclocking utilities offer unparalleled hardware adjustment, while GPU Tweak provides instant settings adjustment and monitoring.

The 19-Phase Super Alloy Power technology provides greater overclocking headroom with enhanced power efficiency and component durability.
Asus DirectCU II technology also provides extremely effective cooling by combining copper heatpipes that fix in direct contact with the GPU core with two huge sound-dampened fans that suck through 600% more air and achieving 20% cooler operation than the reference design.