Avago Launches High-Performance LaserStream Sensor for use in professional gaming applications

Avago Technologies today announced a new high-performance laser navigation sensor designed for use in high-end, professional gaming applications. The Avago ADNS-9500 features a powerful navigation engine that enables extremely high-speed motion detection and high resolution to provide precise tracking capabilities which are required for many of today’s most popular gaming applications. Avago’s ADNS-9500 gaming sensor incorporates an embedded pre-calibrated VCSEL in a single chip-on-board package to simplify manufacturing complexity. A separate round lens (ADNS-6190-002), which is available from Avago, is all that‘s needed to complete the solution. The two components provide a complete and compact navigation system that has no moving parts. Laser calibration process is not required to complete the sensor package making it ideal for high volume assembly.

This new laser sensor from Avago is ideal for use in corded and cordless gaming laser mice, optical trackballs and a variety of motion input devices the require precise, high-speed tracking on a variety of different surfaces. Avago’s ADNS-9500 sensor is priced at $4.00 each in 10,000 piece quantities. Samples and production quantities are available now through Avago’s direct sales channel and worldwide distribution partners.