DENSO launches free web browser-based game – DENSO QR Code Maze to highlight Denso’s invention of the QR code in 1994

DENSO, a leading mobility supplier, has launched a new web browser-based game called “DENSO QR Code Maze” to highlight Denso’s invention of the QR code back in 1994. Today QR codes have become an integral part of our daily lives, and DENSO has played a very important role in their development and widespread adoption. The QR code is a two-dimensional code that can store a large amount of information and can be read quickly and easily. DENSO initially used the code for inventory management at its manufacturing plants and later made the patent available for free, allowing the technology to spread globally. Today, QR codes are widely used for electronic tickets, cashless payments, and many other applications.

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In the “DENSO QR Code Maze” game, players race to the finish while supplying energy to a city shaped like a QR code. The game features items along the track that help boost players toward the finish, as well as neon signs highlighting other DENSO technologies and contributions to society. The game is available to play for free on any web browser and requires no software or application downloads. Players can compete against others worldwide in Solo Mode or play with friends and family in Friend Mode.

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The ”DENSO QR Code Maze” game is suitable for people of all ages, making it a fun and interactive way to learn about DENSO’s innovative contributions to the world of technology. In recognition of its role in the development and promotion of QR codes, DENSO was awarded the IEEE Corporate Innovation Award in December 2022.

Try out “DENSO QR Code Maze” today and experience the excitement of racing through a city shaped like a QR code while learning about DENSO’s contributions to the world of technology!