Epson announces M-Tracer for Sports and Industrial Analysis

Epson today announced that it had developed the M-Tracer, a sophisticated yet easy-to-use wireless motion measurement system that can be attached to a person or object to gather and analyze motion data from sports and other activities. The M-Tracer is a self-contained system that combines a highly accurate and stable Epson inertial measurement unit (IMU) with analytical 3D visualization software that processes kinetic motion data captured by the IMU. In addition to human motion analysis, the M-Tracer can be used to measure and analyze the motion of industrial equipment.

Epson is developing the M-Tracer and its applications in collaboration with Associate Professor Yuji Ohgi and Project Associate Professor Ken Ota of the Keio Research Institute at the Shonan-Fujisawa Campus (SFC), a Japanese lab that conducts advanced research in sports biomechanics. Epson plans to start shipping development samples in early 2012