Game Tech Launches Gamers Mobile Cooler

One thing that has come out of the pandemic is that people are using for a very long time and the smartphone gets very hot. At time it becomes uncomfortable to hold the smartphone. Japanese Game Tech has come with an innovative gadget for this problem –Mobile Cooler. This small rapid cooling with Peltier element cooling fan attaches to the back of most smartphones. The Game Tech Gamers Mobile Cooler prevents freezing of hot game consoles and deterioration of the battery.

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The fan cools the smartphone by 13 degrees Celsius. A peltier cooler and fan attaches 72mm width x 49mm depth x 23mm to the back of phone with small six suction cups. The fan is very silent and weighs a mere 60 grams. The gadget m 72mm width x 49mm depth x 23mm and can also be used for tablets and gaming console Nintendo Switch. The fan is powered by a 5V/1A or 5V/2A AC adapter or mobile battery. The Game Tech Gamers Mobile Cooler costs ¥3,960 ($37) including tax. Accessories include a replacement heat transfer sheet, spare suction cups and a meter-long USB cable. Buy
Gamers Mobile Cooler here.

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