If You Want To Stand Out, Try A PlayStation Controller Skin Today

Today, your PlayStation is as much as a status symbol as any other electronic device you own. Not only are your personal devices a sign of wealth, they are also a common conversation topic among your friends. Just as you take care of your tablet and mobile phone with decorative and protective cases, you should outfit your console and its controllers with a skin. These skins protect your PlayStation from unwanted damages and impress all those that see it.

D_Brand_play_station_skinThe DualShock controller is impressive for its vibrating reactions to your gameplay, which is only one of the reasons why PlayStation users love talking about their devices and showing them off to friends. While it’s fine to display a controller in its basic forms, it’s far more satisfying to flaunt a DualShock that’s been customized far and away from its boring black casing. Considering how much time and money you’ve spent building your profile and upgrading your system, why wouldn’t you deck out your console and controller to reflect your investment?

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Like clothing and home décor, the outward appearance of your belongings will be the first thing that your friends will notice about your PlayStation. The stock gaming system and controller, coming in a standard of black, isn’t going to draw very much attention or impress any of your friends. A brightly coloured skin that contrasts against your black bookshelf certainly will.

Not every PlayStation controller skin will attract the right attention, so it’s best if you leave the process to the experts. The experts know how to fashion a thin skin that can look great and provide protection against damage without adding bulk to your DualShock. Unlike a hard plastic case, a skin doesn’t restrict the functionality of your controller. Instead, a skin fits against the curves of the DualShock so snugly that you’ll forget that it’s even there. You’ll only be reminded of its presence when its superior grip stops you from dropping it during a key moment in battle or, of course, if you look down to admire its design.

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As the authority in PlayStation controller skins, dbrand have perfected the manufacturing process. They use the highest quality of 3M vinyl adhesive and customize it for the exact brand and model of your system. For the best options for PS4 controller skins, you can’t do better than visiting their website. At dbrand, they have an impressive amount of skin designs, and they all come with their guarantee that it will protect your valuable device.

D_Brand_play_station_ski_colorsThe next time your friends come over to play and they notice the skin, you’ll be able to explain to them that you’re not just personalizing your PlayStation. You can teach them all about the benefits of outfitting your controller with a skin, and soon enough, you’ll see that they’ll have dressed their PlayStation controller with their own unique skin.