LG announces 3D-enabled game apps for LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV

LG today announced an industry first, with the arrival of exciting 3D-enabled game apps for LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV. Gamers can now enjoy some of their favorite titles on a large screen in eye-popping 3D. Until now these popular games were only available on smartphones and tablets through Apple’s App Store and Google Play and only playable in 2D. Handpicked specifically for their 3D playability, these fun, family-friendly games have been optimized for LG’s CINEMA 3D Smart TV platform. Titles include Air Penguin, which was the top downloaded game app in the U.S. and eighteen other countries last year, Frisbee Forever, Burn The City, Downhill Bowling 2 and Diversion from Unity Technology.

Users can fully enjoy LG’s growing library of 3D games with comfortable, lightweight, battery-free 3D glasses. And LG’s Flicker-Free technology means being able to play longer without discomfort or eye fatigue. The ergonomic Magic Remote transforms from a stylish pointing device to a motion-sensitive game controller, intuitively easy-to-use for both kids and adults alike. The new selection of games will be available on LG Smart World in the 13 countries where LG Smart TV offers paid services. Initially five games will be launched on Monday, July 30 with additional games becoming available in August.

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