Michael Jackson The Experience- challenges Xbox 360 players to dance like the King of Pop

UBISOFT on Thursday announced an April 12 release date for a Michael Jackson video game- Michael Jackson The Experience that challenges Xbox 360 players to dance like the King of Pop. Michael Jackson The Experience is the ultimate interactive game that allows players to immerse themselves into Michael Jackson’s unique universe. Michael Jackson: The Experience taps into camera and gesture-tracking capabilities of Kinect controllers for Xbox 360 consoles to track how well players are imitating the late music legend’s moves. The game features Ubisoft technology that projects players into on-screen scenes inspired by Jackson’s music videos and live performances.

michael_jackson_legend.jpgUbisoft released a version of the game for Nintendo’s Wii consoles with motion-sensing wand controllers in November. Michael Jackson The Experience will include a wide variety of songs from Michael Jackson’s extensive catalogue including some of his greatest hits like Billie Jean and Beat It, as well as an array of his signature, awe-inspiring dance moves! Perform in authentic and and soulful environments inspired by Michael Jackson’s ground-breaking music videos and stage performances.