MSI unveils its first Mechanical Gaming Keyboard- MSI GK-601 with massive 128KB of memory

MSI has expanded its Gaming catalogue with its first Mechanical Gaming Keyboard- MSI GK-601. Built on the popular Cherry MX Red linear switches, the MSI GK-601 provides superb feedback and sensitive key responsiveness. Each key on the MSI GK-601 is created with precision laser etching for extra resistance to wear and uses 18K gold plating to increase the stability while N-key rollover makes sure that every key-press registers. A rare yellow LED backlights the each individual key even after 50 Million key presses (per key) making them excellent for use at during day and night.The Windows button can be disabled to prevent in-game interruptions due to accidental key presses. This prevents tons of frustration or difficult system hacks to disable this Windows function.

With a massive 128KB of memory, 50 different macros can be stored to help you out in any gaming situation and high speed USB ports and Audio and Microphone jacks making this THE keyboard every gamer needs. The MSI GK-601 uses a relatively rare backlight technique consisting of yellow LED with four levels of brightness. This helps gamers see every key in the dark and make their moves with ease.

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