MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk Breaks Single-card World Record for GTX 560 Ti with Highest Core Frequency of 1500MHz

The Lightning and Hawk series launched by MSI have been touted by the global media as one of the best and very popular display cards among overclockers. The new display cards have also repeatedly achieved extraordinary results in a number of overclocking competitions. Many overclocking gurus around the world are currently using MSI’s N580GTX Lightning for LN2 extreme overclocking and are able to raise their core frequency up to 1665MHz. This is the highest frequency ever achieved by the GTX 580, and with its score of 2501.96, the Unigine Heaven (DX11) single-card single-core world record has been shattered as well.

Belgian overclocker Massman used the N560GTX-Ti Hawk to reach 1500MHz, which is the highest frequency ever attained, setting a new single-card world record for the GTX 560 Ti GPU on 3DMark 11. These impressive results all demonstrate that the unique industry-leading designs of the MSI Lightning and Hawk Series of graphics card have enabled their potential and performance to be fully realized, making them the absolute top choice among overclockers.