Razer updates the iconic Razer Goliathus gaming mouse mat family with new artwork

Razer today announced that the Razer Goliathus gaming mouse mat, its best-selling product in the category, has been redesigned. The new gaming surface further distinguishes itself from other gaming mouse mats, which commonly lack performance-maximizing features the Razer Goliathus provides. Maintaining the beloved speed-enhancing and control-precise features of its predecessor, the redesigned Razer Goliathus gaming mouse mat delivers maximum performance to propel users to gaming stardom. Now imbued with a dense, anti-fraying, long-lasting stitched frame, the surface stays sharp for consistent tournament pwnage

Razer_Goliathus gaming mouse_details
The Control Edition of the Goliathus features a heavy weave with micro-textures on the surface providing just the right amount of friction to your gaming mouse’s movements, affording pixel-precise targeting for absolute in-game accuracy. The cloth weave also provides a nice, comfortable feel under your hand minimizing fatigue over extended periods of play. The Razer Goliathus’s anti-slip rubber base ensures that the mat does not slide around during your most intense gaming sessions.

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