Sony Project Morpheus- prototype head-mounted display for PS 4 unveiled at 2014 GDC

Sony unveiled a prototype of head-mounted display- Project Morpheus for its Playstation 4 game console at 2014 GDC. The prototype headset is designed to provide an immersive experience for gamers by projecting a virtual reality image in front of their eyes that shifts as it tracks the movement of their head. The prototype head-mounted display is a black and white headset with a thin strip of blue light on the rim. The headset will be integrated with the PlayStation 4’s camera, controller and Move motion sensors, and has stereoscopic sound to immerse users in the games they are playing.
Sony_Morpheus_GDC_2014Project Morpheus marks the first specialist gaming headset from Sony Computer Entertainment, which has been experimenting with the format since 2010. The president of Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida, said that it took three years of research and team work to realize Virtual Reality for games. Sony will make the headset available to game developers soon. It has not set a date for its release. Sony had sold 6 million units of its Playstation 4 as of March 2.

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