Thermaltake Core V1-small and cute ITX based chassis for high-end gaming system announced

Thermaltake announced the launch of a small and cute ITX based chassis with a 200mm fan in the front panel- Core V1. Core V1 is designed with high-end gaming system compatibility, gamers can easily install up to 4 data storage devices with the modular drive racks, a dual expansion slot VGA with the length up to 260mm, a tower CPU cooler with height up to 140mm, together with a high wattage PSU of length up to 180mm, and still offers a 80mm cable management space.

Thermaltake_Core V1_fanSmart interchangeable side panels allow users to flip it accordingly to showcase either for superior liquid cooling or superb airflow. With a promising cooling ability, Core V1 has various mounting points to supports all types of cooling systems that includes DIY/AIO liquid cooling systems and air cooling units. A large 200mm fan is preinstalled in the front, along with two optional 80mm turbo fans at the rear, guarantee to hold up any type of gaming system.
Thermaltake_Core V1Thermaltake Core V1 has divided into two main chambers: the upper chamber is made for cooling performance and efficiency, and the lower chamber is made for PSU and cable management. With the aid of the removable 2.5”/3.5” drive device racks, users can enjoy to the freedom of gain the maximum interior space for advance cooling performance or liquid system build.

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