Belkin Conserve Insight shows how much devices really cost-in watts, dollars and carbon dioxide

To help people reduce their carbon footprint and lower their electricity bills, Belkin today announced the elegantly designed and easy to use- Conserve Insight. With its easy-to-read display, the Conserve Insight energy-use monitor helps you monitor your energy use by showing how much devices really cost-in watts, dollars, and carbon dioxide. Plug a device, such as a TV or microwave, into Conserve Insight to see the true impact to your wallet and the environment. The Belkin Conserve Insight is customizable. You can use the preloaded U.S. average electricity rate or enter your own rate off your electric bill; you can also set the CO2 emissions rate for your specific region.

The 6 ft. cord allows you to read display at eye level or place on a table. The Tracking feature tracks your actual device usage over time and projects the cost of operation. Belkin Conserve Insight is available for approximately $30/-.