eneloop neck warmer- keeps your necks warm during winter

Eneloop neck warmer from Sanyo is ideal for winter sports, such as skiing, as well as for commuting by bicycle or by motorcycle. To keep the neck warm, the warmer has a heating section which snugly wraps around the neck. One-size-fits-all design permits the outer cover to suit both men and women, and with its size-adjusting belt, the eneloop neck warmer can be adjusted to accommodate just about any neck size. The thermal section and the power supply unit are removable so that the outer cover can be easily hand-washed. As with the ‘eneloop portable solar’, the ‘eneloop mobile booster -KBC-L3A, is used for supplying power to the eneloop neck warmer.

The heating section employs a strap-shaped ‘sheet heater’ made of carbon and a special type of resin. To keep the temperature warm and safe, the heater uses PTC functionality .This PTC function prevents overheating and ensures that the right temperature is maintained. The heater is thin, lightweight and has very flexible properties to snugly wrap around the neck.